Where To Put A Dog Crate In A House

Where To Put a Dog Crate In a House

Dog crates are a handy way to keep your fur buddies safe and comfortable without the fear of them roaming around the house and wreaking havoc.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, dogs we now know as our cute little furballs descended from wolves. Similar to their ancestors, these canines like to have a Den-like place where they can go and chill!

With that said, it could be tough figuring out the ideal location for the crate, as you don’t want your pup to miss out on the fun while he’s in his kennel.

So, where to put a dog crate in a house?

The ideal places to keep a dog crate include the living room, bedroom, hallways, kitchen, laundry room, basement and more. Also, when deciding where to place a dog crate, it’s important to know your situation and your dog’s requirements. Plus, the dos and don’ts of dog crate placement.

Still, wondering which place is ideal for your canine friend’s crate? Then, read on as we dig deeper into it.

Where To Put A Dog Crate In Your House?

Bringing a pup home is like adding another member to your family. You want them to be a part of everything and at the same time for them to enjoy their much-needed “Me Time”.

But where should a dog crate be placed?

Here are some ideas to help you nail the perfect place for placing your crate.

Living Room

Where To Put a Dog Crate

The living room is a popular choice among new and seasoned dog parents for placing a crate. And if you have a living room that gets the maximum amount of activity in a day, then this would be the ideal location for an energetic pup who just can’t get enough of “YOU”,

This would help your puppy get the best of both worlds, as in the day, the living room will be bustling with familiar faces, and at night, it would be all calm and quite perfect for a good night’s sleep.

A good idea would be to place your pup away from vents, plants, especially poisonous ones, valuables, heat sources, or anything that shouldn’t be near your dog and can harm him.

Your Bedroom

Where To Put a Dog Crate

If you have just welcomed a puppy into your home, then a good way to get him acclimated to the new environment will be to place his crate in your room.

And if that isn’t possible for you, then the least you can do is place the crate near you in your bedroom at night.

Where To Put a Dog Crate

Also, getting a second crate, with one being placed in any other suitable area of your home, and the second one placed inside your bedroom, won’t be a bad idea. This will take away the hassle of constant moving.

Placing the dog crate in your room will help you to be there for him whenever he needs you and also put a damper on his separation anxiety in the early days of his crating. Plus, your room is a less noisy part of your home, making it an ideal place for your pup to unwind in peace.

Once he’s settled in his new environment, you can move around the crate in different parts of your home (considering you want to).


Where To Put a Dog Crate

For all you foodies, the kitchen is where the magic happens.

And if your kitchen is just like the one of a regular foodie (always bustling with hungry people trying to be Gordan Ramsay), then the kitchen would be the perfect place to settle your pup down in his crate.

This will help your pup to socialize with you and your family while you are there and keep those separation anxiety attacks at bay!

Also, the kitchen is generally a tiled area of the house, making it super easy to clean up after any accidents your furry canine may have in his crate.

Young puppies with small bladers are more prone to have accidents in their crate, so it’s totally normal if he has his “Oops Moments” during the early crating days.

Just be sure to keep your dog’s crate away from heat sources, oil splatters, or anything that could potentially harm your furball.

Laundry Room

Where To Put a Dog Crate

For the introverted pups out there, the laundry room is the perfect place to keep their crate.

A laundry room is an area that usually receives less activity and is a quieter part of your home, away from all the audio and visual stimuli. Placing their crate in this area can provide a sense of security to your dog and keep him comfortable.

Plus, moving the crate to the laundry room would be a convenient way to clean up after your pet, as you have already got a cleaning system in place there.


Where To Put a Dog Crate

Hallways are also nice places to keep the crate. This area of the house receives less activity, so if your pooch likes things calm and quiet, putting his crate in the hallway would be a great choice.

While deciding where the dog crate should be placed and picking the hallway as the appropriate option, be sure to account for the clutter and space requirements of your crate.

A neat idea would be to get a dog crate that could double as a piece of furniture; this would help keep the clutter at bay and also save some space.


Where To Put a Dog Crate

Did you recently puppy-proof your basement? Then, keeping his crate in the basement would be a wise choice.

Basements are great for dogs tired of all the busyness and just want a moment of peace.

If you don’t visit your basement at least a couple of times during the day, install a camera to check up on your fur buddy. Also, another good idea will be to ask your family members to keep an eye on him.

Important tip: Remember to keep the basement at the right temperature levels according to the comfort level of your dog. Too hot or too cold temperatures might be a no-go for dogs sensitive to temperature changes.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Place For The Crate

As loving dog parents, we only want what’s best for our dogs. A part of planning what’s best for them is deciding where to keep the dog crate.

Here are some tips we keep in mind while choosing the perfect place for our dog crate.

Know Your Situation

There are no right or wrong answers when selecting the right place for your fur buddy’s crate.

The right placement for his kennel would depend on the amount of space you have in your house, your dog’s requirements (whether he likes to stay close to the action or not), and your personal preference.

So, knowing everything about your situation can help a great deal in selecting the best place for your dog’s kennel.

Keep Your Dog Away From Heat Sources And Sunlight

Another important factor to remember while searching for the best place for a dog crate is to keep his crate away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight may feel good for a couple of minutes, but it can cause serious discomfort for prolonged periods.

Also, keeping the dog crate away from drafty areas should be your priority.

Find A Place Away From Things He Can Chew

One reason for crating your dog is to keep him from wreaking havoc inside your home.

So, you need to keep his crate away from things that he can pull in and chew on, like plants, cables, pieces of cloth, furniture, etc.

Test Things Out

The tip that worked the most for us and our fellow dog parents while deciding where to put a large dog crate in the house was testing the place out.

If you and your puppy are happy with it, stick with the location; if not, move it somewhere else. No harm done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where To Put A Dog Crate In A Small Apartment?

We know it can be hard figuring out the ideal location for a dog crate when you are short on space (been there, done that!).

For such situations, keeping the crate in your bedroom seems to be the best choice. A good idea would be to buy a dog crate that can double as a piece of furniture so it doesn’t look like an eyesore in your room.

Where to put a dog crate in a house At Night?

Experts recommend keeping the dog crate inside your room or a nearby hallway at night during the early crating days.

This way, you will be there for him whenever he needs you. Plus, seeing you around would help him settle down in his new environment and keep separation anxiety at bay.

Once settled down, you can change the location of the crate, whatever works best for both of you.

Are Two Crates Better Than One?

Getting two dog crates has worked wonders for our fellow dog parents. They reported placing one in the bedroom (for nighttime) and the second one at any other suitable place (for the daytime).

So, if you have a big enough house and can afford to get two dog crates, then purchasing two can save you from the constant hassle of dragging it here and there.

Deciphering The Ideal Location For Your Crate

Choosing the ideal location for your doggo’s crate can seem like a tough decision, as you want your four-legged friend to receive the best possible care.

In this article, we have seen that you can place your dog in a number of places, including your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and laundry room, among others.

The perfect placement would depend on your situation and the temperament of your dog. A good tip would be to keep the crate away from places that could become a hazard for your dog.

Did you find the information in this post helpful?

At Bestdogkennels, we do our best to help our fellow dog parents so they don’t face the problems we encountered during our crating journey. For answers to similar queries, check out our other blog posts.

Thanks for reading!

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