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Welcome to Best Dog Kennels – where passion for dogs meets a wealth of knowledge! We are excited to have you on our website and delighted to share our common love for our furry friends, who are always woofing and wagging their tails with joy.

Who We Are

We are a team of dog lovers who have kept numerous breeds of dogs over the years, ranging from Pointers to German Shepherds to Labradors and more. So, we know how troubling it could be to find the right information when it comes to your fur buddies.

That’s why we at Best Dog Kennels have joined hands to pass on the wealth of knowledge we have learned through years of experience.

Our heaps of canine experience would help you make decisions so you and your furry pooch can live happily ever after.

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What Sets Us Apart

Our team members not only rely on their experience but also keep themselves updated with recent trends. This helps us provide you with relevant and up-to-date information that is wrapped in our love for this canine species.

Our Author.

Meet our experienced and professional authors

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Muhammad Haris

Muhammad Haris is the co-founder of Best Dog Kennels. He’s a passionate pet lover who has kept and trained multiple dog breeds from when he was 13 years old. His love for dogs extends beyond pet ownership; he regularly works to come up with new ways to make the lives of his fur buddies happy, healthy, and stress-free. 

Uzair Shah

Uzair Shah is the co-founder of Best Dog Kennels. He loves dogs, and German Shepherds are his favorite dog breed. Driven by his passion, he co-founded BDK to provide a one-stop knowledge base to fellow dog owners. And he aims that this information would help make countless dog lives happier. 
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What BDK Hopes to Achieve

We only want what’s best for your pet, and that’s why we always remain connected and seek guidance from experts like vets, dog nutritionists, and breeders.

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Wondering what topics do we cover?

We cover unbiased reviews and expert opinions for:
  • Dog houses, kennels, and crates
  • Kennel accessories
  • DIY tips and tricks
  • Cleaning supplies

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If you are looking for something specific or have a question in mind, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to hear what your doggo and his hooman are up to!