can I crate a dog while at work

Can I Crate My Dog While at Work?

Crating can be a wise choice, especially for dogs with a history of getting into mischief and putting themselves in danger.

Also, it can be a lifesaver for his fellow hooman, as everyone can’t stay at home all day long.

That brings us to the question: Can I crate my dog while at work?

If you have a full-time job (8 hours that extends to 9-10 hours, including the commute and small talk with fellow colleagues), then crating wouldn’t be the way to go, especially if you have a younger puppy.

But there are ways around it, like hiring a paid sitter to take your puppy out for a walk 1-2 times during that period. Also, puppy-proofing a single room and leaving the crate door open can be a terrific choice.

Are you looking for more ideas on effectively crating your dog while at work? Let’s dive into this topic in detail. So, read on!

Can I Crate My Dog While at Work?

Do you have a regular day job or business that keeps you outside your home for more than 8 hours?

And is your pooch a young one who’s got a small bladder and can’t keep himself from peeing and pooping?

If you have said yes to both the questions, then crating wouldn’t be the ideal course of action. As dog parents, we don’t advise you to keep your dog in his crate for more than 8 hours.

Let’s look at how you can provide a safe environment for your pup while you are out and about.

Hire a Sitter

Getting a dog walker to take your four-legged friend out for a walk 1-2 times a day is an excellent way to make sure he doesn’t remain in the crate for a long stretch.

This would also ensure he has no accidents in his crate. And that he gets a chance to release that pent-up energy.

Schedule a Home Visit During Office Break

Does hiring a dog sitter sound expensive to you?

Going for a quick home visit during the 1-hour office break might do the trick!

This one’s only for those who live near their work area and can squeeze in a mid-day home visit to check on their puppy.

You can set a timer for how much time you can give to your goofball. And then make good use of it by taking him out for a walk and making sure he does his business while he’s at it.

Puppy Proof a Room

Can I Crate My Dog While at Work?

Do you have a safe space set up for your doggo where he can roam around safely?

If so, placing your pup’s crate there and leaving the door open so he can go in and out whenever he pleases might do the trick!

You can also place toys (the safe ones) inside his crate to keep him occupied and rotate the toys so that he doesn’t get bored.

Doggy Daycare

For dogs suffering from separation anxiety, doggy daycare is a mighty good option!

It lets your dog socialize with other pooches and make friends. Plus, it gives you extra peace of mind and surety that your tail-wagging sidekick is in good hands.

Note: Doggy daycare can be an expensive option if you are looking for something more pocket-friendly.

Dog Pen and Crate Combination

Dog pen and crate combination

Think out of the box, they say!

A dog pen and crate combination can be perfect if you plan to crate your dog while at work.

Simply set up a pen inside his room and place his crate inside it while leaving the door open. This way, you would be sure he isn’t wreaking havoc inside the house and has plenty of space to roam freely and play.

A good idea is to place some safe toys or put on his favorite TV show (if he’s got any preference) to keep him from getting bored.

Bonus Tips

Can I Crate My Dog While at Work?

Before you head out to your day job, take him for a run or have a nice game of fetch. So he doesn’t become restless during your time out.

Install a camera in his room so you can keep a check on him while at work.

When you return home, shower him with lots of treats and love to reward him for his excellent behavior. And to show him how much proud you are of him!

Creating That Perfect Work-Dog Balance!

Crating your dogs for more than 8 hours straight while you are at work is not advisable, as it can impact the physical as well as the mental well-being of your pup.

We shared a lot of ways, like hiring a sitter, puppy-proofing a room, and scheduling a home visit during office break, among others, so your doggo gets the best care he deserves!

Did you find this information helpful?

If so, check out our other blog posts and share them with your canine-loving friends and family.

Thanks for reading!

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