How to Collapse a Dog Crate

How to Collapse a Dog Crate Easily – 6 Simple Steps

Understanding how to collapse a dog crate is an essential skill for you as a pet owner. It offers convenience in storage and transportation while ensuring your pup’s safety.

This task, often perceived as challenging, can be simplified with the right guidance, which we are here to provide.

So, how to disassemble a dog crate DIY?

To fold a dog crate, first ensure it’s empty and clean. Moreover, do not forget to check the instructions manual for specific steps before you begin. Then, release and detach the side panels by manipulating their connections.

Furthermore, adjust the top panel and push the sides inward. Press the one long end panel towards the ground to finally collapse the crate.

However, there’s a lot more to disassembling a dog crate, which needs proper execution. Let’s begin this guide that explores everything you need to know about the process.

How to Collapse a Dog Kennel – 6 Easy Steps to Follow

Let’s dive into our straightforward six-step guide on how to disassemble a dog crate, making travel and storage hassle-free.

We also recommend watching this video before you go through this guide.

1. Prepare the Crate For Disassembling

When it comes to folding a dog crate, you first need to empty it. There shouldn’t be a single item inside, be it your pup’s bedding, food, water bowl, toys, or anything else.

Next, you’re also required to take out the floor liner of the crate. To do so, you should look for a small opening on the bottom and slide the liner out from there.

how to disassemble a large dog crate

Preparing the crate for disassembly also calls for its proper cleaning to ensure the hygiene of your dog. Just scrub it with a mild cleaner and wash it away with water – it’s that simple.

Besides that, it’s recommended to launder the bed and blanket, while you can clean toys and food/water bowls using plain soap.

2. Go Through the Instructions Manual

how to disassemble a dog crate DIY

Once the portable kennel is ready, make sure to latch its door properly, or else you might face issues during its disassembly.

Every dog crate is built differently, so before you attempt to collapse it, make sure to go through its manual for clear instructions.

In case there are none, we recommend you consult the manufacturer directly to avoid any such error that may end up damaging the crate.

However, it’s unlikely to happen, as almost all the collapsible kennels come with a step-by-step guide for users’ ease.

3. Release the Short Side Panels

After familiarizing yourself with the steps to disassemble a dog crate, it’s time to execute the process.

To begin with, identify the tabs that secure the short side panels to the crate’s top. They have a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the crate.

You need to disengage those tabs by applying downward pressure on the panel’s wire located at the top.

This action would release the short sides so you can easily manipulate them in the following steps.

4. Detach the Sides of the Crate

In the next step of how to disassemble a large dog crate, you need to locate the latches that connect the short panel to the long one.

Then, push the short panel inward and the long panel outward simultaneously.

With this dual motion, you can unhook the connecting latches, facilitating the separation of the panels.

This step needs to be repeated twice for front and back short panels to ensure complete detachment.

5. Adjust the Top and Sides

After the panels are detached, gently lift the top panel and push the short side in. You need to do the same for the other short side.

Remember, when pushing the short panels inward, it should be done in a way that each panel rests on the dog crate’s floor, one after another.

This step loosens the overall structure of the crate so you can easily fold down the longer sides.

Moreover, side panels, when on the floor, ensure the stability of the kennel, preventing its sudden collapse, which might be injurious.

6. Collapse the Crate

how to collapse a dog kennel

To fold the crate, apply force to one of its long-end panels in such a way that it is pushed toward the ground.

Consequently, this action loosens the top panel, allowing it to lie adjacent to the collapsed structure.

Don’t forget to fasten the latches (if any) to secure the now-folded crate so it does not open during transportation.

How to Collapse a Dog Crate Depending on its Material – A Few Tips

When it comes to portable dog kennels, you can find them in various materials.

Since each one is built uniquely, there are some specific considerations that you must take care of during the disassembling process.

Let’s have a quick overview:

  • Metal: Be mindful of the hinges and joints of metal crates, as these areas are more prone to rust. If they get corroded, you might face issues folding the dog crate. To avoid this, applying oil can help as it forms a protective layer on the metal.
  • Wire: When collapsing a wire crate, ensure all latches are unlocked. Don’t forget to regularly inspect for any loose or sharp edges that could harm you or your pet, and also lubricate hinges for smoother operation.
  • Plastic: In plastic crates, it may be a bit challenging to operate the hinges as they are less intuitive. Therefore, you need to be extra careful during the process to avoid breaking them. Additionally, make sure to look for any sliding or snap-in mechanism in the crate that needs to be disengaged before folding.
  • Fabric: Fabric crates are usually dependent on a folding frame. So before you collapse it, ensure the fabric is not snagged or caught to avoid damaging the material. Also, fold them slowly to prevent bending the frame.
  • Soft-Sided: Soft-sided crates have zippers or Velcro closures, which should be fully opened when you disassemble them. Moreover, never attempt folding any rigid parts forcefully. The key is to unfasten all the connections of the crate, and it’ll collapse by itself.
  • Combination Material: If your crate combines materials like metal and plastic, pay attention to the differences in how these parts fold and lock. Also, always start by collapsing the softer or more flexible parts before moving on to the sturdier sections.


How to collapse a soft dog crate?

Begin by removing any removable components from the crate, such as a mattress or liners. Then, locate the frame’s joints, typically found at the corners. Gently press these joints inward, ensuring each side is collapsed evenly to prevent any damage.

Once the sides are completely inward, the crate would naturally fold down into a flat, compact shape.

Do I need any tools to collapse my dog crate?

Usually, no tools are required for collapsing standard wire or soft-sided crates. They typically have latches or folding mechanisms that can be operated by hand. However, always check your crate’s manual for specific instructions.

How quickly can you disassemble your dog crate?

The time required to disassemble a dog crate can vary based on different factors, such as its design, your familiarity with it, and the material.

Generally, a simple wire crate with latches can be folded in a few minutes. More complex ones, such as those with screws or intricate locking mechanisms might take longer.

What should I do if my crate seems stuck and won’t collapse?

When a dog crate gets stuck, first review the instructions carefully to ensure you are folding it the correct way.

If it still doesn’t collapse, inspect for debris or any bent piece that might be preventing the disassembly. Clean or remove that, and if necessary, seek help from the manufacturer.

Can I fold all types of dog crates?

Not every dog crate is designed to be foldable. Metal and soft-sided kennels often feature a convenient collapsible design, making them easy to store when not in use.

However, heavy-duty dog crates, known for their robust construction, typically do not offer a folding option. This is due to their emphasis on durability and strength, which often requires a more permanent, rigid structure.  

How do I store a collapsed dog crate?

When storing a collapsed dog crate, look for a dry location away from extreme temperatures and humidity to prevent damage.

This especially applies to metal kennels that are more susceptible to rust. Lastly, don’t forget to cover the crate with a cloth or tarp for protection against dust and dirt.

Wrapping Up

How do I disassemble a dog crate?

Mastering dog crate disassembly is a straightforward and essential skill for pet owners. We’ve covered all the critical steps in our guide, which will help you through the process.

This includes safely disengaging the tabs, detaching the short and long panels, and carefully folding the crate down.

Remember, patience and caution are key to preventing any damage to the crate or injury to yourself or your pet.

For answers to similar questions, be sure to check out our other posts. They’re packed with valuable information that can help enhance your pet care routine.

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