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Dog Crate Covers – A Detailed Guide to Canine Comfort

As a pet owner, ensuring your furry companion’s comfort and security is one of your first responsibilities, especially during colder months or in noisy environments. That’s where the importance of a dog crate cover comes into play. Not only does it offer insulation against the chill of winter, but it also reduces the frequency of external sounds from reaching your pup. 

These covers typically include personalized quilted options, classic canvas, breathable mesh, stylish custom designs, weather-resistant materials, functional table toppers, and versatile convertible covers. Moreover, you can also create a DIY dog kennel cover to save some money. 

Each type offers specific benefits like reducing anxiety, improving sleep quality, and offering travel convenience, making them essential for the well-being of your furry companion.

That said, let’s explore this guide that answers all your queries related to dog house covers in detail. 

7 Types of Large Dog Crate Covers

Dog Crate Cover

When it comes to dog kennel covers, you can find various types in the market that cater to different needs. Let’s explore a few basic ones: 

1. Classic Canvas Cover 

A sturdy canvas dog kennel cover not only looks sleek but will also stand up to your pup’s habit of occasional chewing. Moreover, it comes with roll-up windows, ensuring proper ventilation for your furry companion. 

The front flap of this type of insulated dog house cover is also flexible, so you can leave it open or closed, depending on whether your pet likes his privacy or wants to keep an eye on things outside. 

2. Personalized Quilted Cover 

How about a quilted cover with your dog’s name embroidered on it? It’s a creative idea! In addition, you can also opt for one with paw prints or bones to add a cute touch. Above all, the quilting adds an extra layer of warmth, making this dog kennel cover a perfect choice for colder months. 

3. Breathable Mesh Cover

How can we forget the soaring high temperatures of summer when your furry companion would often need a cool breeze to stay relaxed? 

During that time of year, you can choose a lightweight, breathable mesh cover that facilitates proper ventilation while preventing overheating inside the crate. Moreover, it’s easy to clean and also provides a sense of security for your pet. 

4. Stylish Custom Dog Crate Cover

The indoor wire dog crate covers are more about aesthetics to match the interior of your house. They are typically made from softer materials like fabric or canvas with custom designs. 

Besides facilitating privacy and noise reduction for your pet, these crate covers offer various opportunities for customization. You can choose from different dog crate cover patterns and colors to match your home decor. 

5. Weather-Resistant Cover

For outdoor dog kennel cover, it’s recommended you choose materials that are durable enough to withstand elements like UV rays, water, and wind. A few examples include reinforced nylon and heavy-duty polyester. 

Other than that, it’s equally essential to look for additional features like waterproof coatings if you live in an area that is more prone to rainfall. 

6. Dog Crate Table Topper 

Following this dog kennel cover DIY idea, you can create a wooden topper for your puppy’s crate, turning it into a functional piece of furniture. All you need is wood, paint, a hammer, and sandpaper to execute it. 

Not only is it an easy and cost-effective project, but it will also add a decorative touch to your space. 

7. Convertible Cover

Convertible dog crate covers are versatile, as you can use them for various other purposes. They typically double as a car seat cover or a portable mat for picnics, making them perfect if you are an on-the-go pet owner. 

DIY Dog Kennel Cover Guide 

dog kennel covers

Did you know you can create a dog cage cover by yourself? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you through the process. But before we dig deeper into the steps, let’s have a look at the materials you’d require for this DIY dog kennel cover project. 

Materials Needed: 

  • A durable fabric – could be canvas, cotton, or a blend
  • Measuring tape 
  • Scissors 
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread if you prefer hand-sewing 
  • Velcro strips 
  • Decorative elements like appliques or fabric paint 

Steps to Follow: 

  1. First, you need to measure the length, width, and height of the crate. Make sure to add a few extra inches to each measurement so the cover drapes properly over the crate. 
  2. In the next step, cut out pieces for each side of the crate. Remember, you need to cut the front piece in two halves for a slit opening at the kennel’s door side. 
  3. Then, start by folding over the edges of each piece and sew the hems to prevent fraying of the material. 
  4. Now, you need to attach the sewed sides to the top piece while ensuring the fabric’s pattern is aligned correctly. 
  5. Since you’ve cut the front piece in two, do not forget to hem their inner edges. Then, sew these two pieces onto the cover, leaving an opening in the middle.
  6. You can then attach the Velcro strips to the inner edges of the front opening if you want a closable cover. However, it’s an optional step. 
  7. Finally, decorate the cover just as you like and fit it over your pup’s crate to ensure it drapes properly. 

Benefits of a Dog Crate Cover 

Now that we have explored a few dog kennel cover ideas let’s discuss a few benefits of them for your pup: 

  • Insulation: One significant advantage of a dog house cover for winter is that it adds an extra layer of insulation to the kennel. This particularly helps retain the heat generated by your pup’s body, maintaining a warmer environment inside. 
  • Improved Sleep Quality: A soundproof dog crate cover not only blocks unnecessary noises from reaching your furry companion but also prevents light. This altogether helps your dog sleep better, both during the day and at night. 
  • Anxiety Reduction: A crate cover helps create a calming environment for your pet by blocking out distractions that may leave them anxious. It is specifically suitable for pups who are prone to nervous behavior. 
  • Protection and Comfort: By using a breathable dog crate cover, you’ll ensure your pet is protected from elements like dust, dirt, and moisture. Moreover, it’s also essential for their comfort, offering top-notch ventilation to keep them cool. 
  • Travel Convenience: If you are someone who travels often with your dog, a travel-friendly crate cover can change your life. It’s made more convenient with additional features like handles, luggage straps, and storage pockets. 


Does the size of a wooden dog crate cover matter?

Yes, choosing the right size is crucial for a dog cage. Whether it’s a 42-inch dog crate cover for a mid-sized kennel, a larger 48-inch dog crate cover, or a smaller 36-inch dog crate cover, the fit should be snug yet comfortable. If it’s too tight, it won’t adequately cover the crate. Similarly, a loose wood dog crate cover won’t provide the security your dog needs.

Is it better to cover your dog’s crate?

Yes, it is a good idea to cover your dog’s cage as it creates a cozy, den-like atmosphere. This particularly helps in reducing anxiety and aiding a restful sleep, especially in noisy or busy environments. 

Are dog crate covers good?

Dog crate covers are good for providing a sense of security to your furry companion. Moreover, they also help regulate temperature, especially in drafty areas.

How to make a dog crate cover?

To make a DIY dog crate cover, you first need to measure the cage’s dimensions and cut a breathable fabric accordingly. Then, sew it with openings for ventilation and access to have it ready. 

How to cover a dog crate?

You can cover a dog crate using a purpose-made cover or a lightweight blanket to allow ventilation without completely blocking the dog’s view.

How do you cover a dog crate at night?

When it’s time to cover your dog’s crate for the night, simply drape a blanket or use a dog kennel cover over the top. But remember to keep the sides open. This is important for maintaining good air circulation, ensuring your dog stays comfortable and well-ventilated. Plus, having the sides open lets your furry friend keep an eye on their surroundings, which helps avoid feelings of isolation or anxiety.

Is it better to cover the crate when the dog is in it at night?

Yes, it’s recommended to cover a dog crate at night as it helps create a quiet space. However, you must ensure that it is not fully enclosed to maintain good air circulation. 

How to cover a 10×10 dog kennel?

For a 10×10 kennel, you can utilize a large, durable tarp or crate cover. Just make sure to secure it on all sides while ensuring adequate ventilation and protection from external elements. 

Should you use a dog crate cover?

Yes, using a dog house cover is beneficial for creating a secure space for your pup. It also helps reduce stress by minimizing distractions.  

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, a dog crate cover DIY is more than just a simple accessory. Instead, it is an essential tool that helps provide comfort and security to your beloved pooch. 

Whether you are dealing with a nervous pup or simply seeking to improve your dog’s resting environment, the right crate cover can make a significant difference. Remember, the key is to choose a cover that suits your dog’s needs and the climate, also ensuring it fits the crate perfectly. 

Explore our other blog posts for more dog-crate-related insights. Thanks for reading!

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