can I leave a bone in my dog's crate?

Can I Leave a Bone in My Dog’s Crate?

Crating your pup can be a lifesaver for you while you are out and about. It also provides a relaxing environment for your dog where he can go and unwind after an energetic day of playing fetch.

As a new dog parent who’s just started crate training, you might be looking for ways to keep your dog occupied while you are not around.

This brings us to: Can I leave a bone in my dog’s crate?

As veteran dog parents, we wouldn’t give any type of bones to our dogs unsupervised. Bones can shatter into pieces if you have a willful chewer at your hands and might also crack his molars. With these broken pieces of bones, there is always a risk of them being swallowed by your pup or becoming a choking hazard.

Still not sure whether to leave a bone in your pooch’s crate unsupervised? Let’s get into more detail and clear all your confusion.

So, read on!

Can I Leave a Bone in My Dog’s Crate?

If you ask us, leaving a bone in your dog’s crate unsupervised is a no-go! Here are some reasons why.

Choking Hazard

Leaving a bone in a dog crate unsupervised comes with its fair share of risks. Brittle bones can break into pieces and cause a number of health problems for your pooch.

These pieces can get stuck in their throats, causing your poor baby to choke.

But what about those thick, juicy bones?

If you have an aggressive chewer at your hands, and there’s only a 1% chance that he might crush the bone into pieces, we’d say don’t do it.

And if you really want to reward him with a bone, always do it while you are around.

Digestive Issues When Swallowed

Another thing to keep in mind if you are planning to leave a bone in your dog crate unsupervised is the fact that it can also be swallowed whole or in bits by your pup.

Most domestic dogs are not capable of digesting bones or even bits of them, as the acidity levels in their stomachs are not sufficient to ease the dissolving and digesting process.

This can lead to an array of problems like intestinal obstructions, damage to the internal organs (if the sharp fragments pierce them), and more.

Dental Problems

Dental issues in dogs

You know how troublesome a vet visit can be especially if your pooch has a fear of visiting the vet.

Sharp fragments of bones can pierce their tongue or gums. And if he really pushes his teeth’s limit, they can also crack or break.

And you know what that means?

Vet bills and a lot of pain for your pooch!

Bonus Tip

Can I Leave a Bone in My Dog's Crate

Thinking of a safe alternative that you can leave in your dog’s crate unsupervised?

We have had a terrific experience while using Nylabones and have heard only good things about them from our fellow dog parents.

So, is it safe to give to your pooch even when you are not around?

That would be a yes! Just find one appropriate for his age and chewing capabilities.

Never Leave A Bone In A Dog Crate Unattended!

Leaving a bone in your dog’s crate unattended comes with a lot of concerns.

It might become a choking hazard (if he tries to swallow it), cause dental issues, and block his digestive tract (if he gobbles it up).

If you are looking for an alternate, we suggest going for Nylabone, as it is safe and recommended by dog parents.

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