How to Keep My Dog From Escaping the Crate

How To Keep My Dog From Escaping The Crate?

If your mind is constantly bombarded by the thought, “How to keep my dog from escaping the crate?” then you have an escape artist at your hand. 

This is quite a simple question at first glance. But, its answer is somewhat complex.

Dogs that are fond of escaping or are constantly trying to escape mostly have some form of separation anxiety.

There are two simple solutions to prevent your dog from escaping his crate:

  • For wire crates, what you can easily do is put zip ties on all sides of the crate. Each corner should have two zip ties tied to prevent the crate from opening up.
  • Upgrade your crate to a firmer one. Go for ones specially designed to be escape-proof meant for escape artists.

No need to worry. This problem can be easily fixed. Read on for more details on the solutions.

Escape Proofing Your Dog Crate

Most people do not look at the quality when buying a dog crate. Oftentimes, they go for the cheap collapsible crates that are widely available at the stores.

Collapsible wire crates are easy on the pocket and readily available. If you have such wire crates, then the first thing that we recommend you do is use our zip-tie trick.

how to keep my dog from escaping the crate

You will have to secure all the sides of the crate with zip ties. This can be done by tying all the corners up firmly. One zip tie at the top and one at the bottom of each corner will do the trick.

Upgrading Your Crate

how to keep my dog from escaping the crate

After trying our zip tie method, if the dog is still escaping successfully, then it is time to upgrade the crate. 

Get a crate specially designed for the escape artist type of dog. These crates are stronger, sturdier, durable, and indestructible. 

Plenty of brands design escape-proof crates and dog houses. Go and ask for “Airport crates” or “military crates.” You can even search these terms on Amazon if you prefer online shopping.

These cages are purpose-built and designed to make it impossible for your dog to escape.

Winding Up!

Making your dog crate escape-proof is extremely essential. Dogs who are constantly escaping are in grave danger of getting hurt, stolen, or being lost. 

Your most precious items and furniture can also be ruined if your escape artist gets its paws on them.

So, in order to keep your fur buddy and home safe, you need to upgrade your crate into an escape-proof one.

They start from around $300 and above but can save you from a lot of financial and mental hassle associated with escaped dogs.

Meanwhile, you can secure your crate with zip ties. But this is only a temporary hack, not a permanent solution.

Good luck and happy crating! 🙂

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