what is the divider for in a dog crate

What Is the Divider for in a Dog Crate? Explained!

Dog crates are becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits they bring to the table. They come in handy while training and traveling with your pooch.

And let’s not forget about the sense of security your dog feels when he’s in his den!

Since your pooch would be spending a couple of hours inside his crate every day, you need to make sure he’s comfortable in it and the crate is of the right size.

To ensure this, many good wire crates come with a divider.

But what is the divider for in a dog crate?

The dog crate divider allows you to adjust the living area inside your pooch’s crate. And then make it larger as your once small, cute, and cuddly pup grows into an adult ball of fluff.

Still wondering how this handy feature could help you out? Then, read on!

What is the Divider in a Dog Crate For?

dog crate divider

A crate divider is used to adjust the internal living area of the crate and is fitted across the width of your pooch’s crate.

Wondering what benefits a dog crate divider has to offer? Below are some of them:

Training a Puppy

As we are well aware, crates are used primarily while training a pup. During the early growth years of the puppy, he increases in size rapidly.

So, you need to think ahead to save yourself from buying bigger crates each time your puppy outgrows the one you have.

That’s where big crates with crate dividers come to the rescue!

So, as your furball grows during the puppy training process, you can adjust the divider to provide ample space for him to feel comfortable.

A good trick would be to research the adult crate size requirements of your pup early on and purchase according to that size. And then limit his space using a crate divider and keep adjusting the size as he grows.

Cost Saving

Less crates bought means you would have to spend less money!

The crate divider is an excellent way to save some extra dough, all while keeping your dog comfortable.

This adjustable feature allows you to keep using the same crate during the growing years of your puppy.

Just adjust the living area of your crate according to the space requirements of your pooch by maneuvering the divider, and you are good to go!

Two Dogs One Crate Conundrum

What Is the Divider for in a Dog Crate

If you have two small dogs and are looking for a cost-effective way to house both of them in the same crate, then using a crate divider can be a great solution.

This way, you can house both of them without the need to buy a second crate.

However, if your dogs can’t stand each other and bark their throats out when you keep them together, then DIYing an opaque crate divider (from a wooden sheet) might solve this problem.

If the issue still persists for some reason, you would have to go for a separate crate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if your crate doesn’t come with a divider?

If your dog crate doesn’t come with a divider and you need to divide it for any of the above reasons, you can DIY a crate divider.

Just take a wooden sheet or piece of cardboard, punch four holes in the corners, feed zip ties through those holes, and finally tie the cardboard with the wires of the crate.

Is a Crate Divider Necessary?

A crate divider can be a terrific addition to your puppy’s crate, especially during his growing crate training years.

It lets you adjust a larger crate into a size-appropriate one for your puppy. And saves you from the trouble of spending extra bucks on new crates.

Planning Ahead Using a Crate Divider

So, there you go!

If you are short on money and can’t afford to buy a new crate each time your pup grows a few inches, then getting a crate with a crate divider can be the answer to your problems.

A crate divider allows you to adjust the internal area of your dog’s crate to fit according to the needs of your pooch.

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