why does my dog drag his blanket out of his crate

Why Does My Dog Drag His Blanket Out Of His Crate?

Our pups can pull off the cutest little stunts that can make us go, aww!!!

One such thing is your furry friend’s blanket-toting habit.

As cute as this habit may seem, it can make us wonder if there’s a reason for it.

So, why does my dog drag his blanket out of his crate?

Your dog might be dragging its blanket out of its crate for the following reasons:

  • An instinctual behavior
  • To mark their territory
  • Maternal instinct
  • Playful behavior
  • To bring themselves comfort
  • Fear of the kennel

This cute behavior is oftentimes nothing to worry about. Let’s look at the possible reasons in more detail.

Why Does My Dog Drag His Blanket Around?

Here are some possible reasons why your four-legged friend might be dragging his blanket out of his crate.

As An Instinctual Behavior

Dogs are proud descendants of gray wolves. Their habit of dragging something (blanket in our case) may very well be an instinctual that has been passed down to them from their ancestors.

Why Does My Dog Drag His Blanket Out Of His Crate

So, you may find your furry friend dragging and scratching his blanket to create a comfortable place before sleeping.

And if he’s pulling it out of his cage, there might be a particular spot where he likes to have his occasional slumber.

To Mark His Territory

Your dogs use their paws to leave their scent on a particular object. Why should his soft blankie be an exception?

If you find him scratching and pulling his blanket out of his crate, it could simply mean he’s marking it as his territory and claiming its ownership.

Maternal Instincts

Dog dragging blanket out of the crate

Is your little girl going to be a mommy?

Then, it’s natural for her to drag her blanket out of her crate to build a nest. Female pooches are known to practice nesting before and after giving birth to little furry bundles of joy.

So don’t be surprised the next time she does this. Instead, grab a camera and record your girl’s motherhood journey!

Playful Behavior

Dog playing with his blanket

Dogs are always in the mood for playing. They see everything around them as objects to play with.

So, he might be treating his blanket as his toy and dragging and scratching it in the process.

A good idea would be to provide him with actual toys and keep alternating them to break the monotony.

An Object of Comfort

Dog carrying his blanket everywhere

As kids, we all had our blankets, pillows, or toys that we lugged around wherever we went. These objects were supposed to bring comfort to us.

The same is the case with your pup. And toting his plush blankie around may be making him feel more comfortable and secure.

Cute, isn’t it?

Fear of The Kennel

Dog afraid of the kennel

Lastly, if your pooch hates being cooped up in his crate, he might drag his blanket out of the kennel when given the chance.

Your furball’s blanket absorbs their scent, making it a part of their territory.

So, he may take his favorite objects out of the crate, including his blanket, to enjoy it somewhere else in peace and sleep on it (if he finds a good enough place).

Answer To Your Pup’s Blankie Toting Habit

There you have it!

As loving dog parents, we always have a careful eye on our pups to spot anything unusual.

One such behavior is their blanket-toting habit.

Your dog may be dragging their blanket out of their crate for reasons such as instinctual behavior, marking his territory, maternal instinct, playful behavior, to bring him comfort, and fear of the crate.

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