My Dog Ate His Blanket In His Crate

My Dog Ate His Blanket In His Crate – Should I Worry?

Pups are known for their curious behavior, and this can sometimes lead to unexpected situations.

One such instance is your dog gobbling up his blanket inside his crate.

As loving dog parents, we want what’s best for them.

So, him eating a piece of blanket in his crate and showing signs of distress can be a nightmare for us (since it can become a life-threatening situation real quick).

If you are entirely sure that your dog ate his blanket or piece of it in his crate, then the first thing to do would be to monitor him for any unusual behavior.  

Look out for signs such as vomiting, pooping with little specks of blood, lethargy, loss of appetite, pain, or anything out of the usual.

If he’s exhibiting any of the above signs, that could mean intestinal blockage and a visit to the vet in such a scenario becomes mandatory.

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My Dog Ate His Blanket In His Crate – Here’s What To Do

Did your pup’s blanket suddenly go missing from the crate? And have you found shredded pieces of it inside the crate?

Then, there is a good chance that your furry companion has eaten something he wasn’t supposed to.

Here are some things you can do and signs to look out for.

Lookout For Unusual Behavior

Dog showing unusual behavior

The first thing to do once you are sure of this mischievous activity is to monitor your doggo for any signs of vomiting (this is the most important one). Dogs vomit uncontrollably when there is a blockage in their bowel path.

Other signs include sudden disinterest in food, lethargy, pooping with blood stains on it, whining or shaking because of pain, pacing and panting with discomfort, and showing any unusual behavior.

What To Do If Your Pup Is Showing Any Of These Symptoms 

Taking your dog to the vet

If your pup shows any of the above symptoms, taking him to the vet is your only option. The vet would conduct an X-ray to check what’s causing the issue and where the blockage is.

Depending on your dog’s condition, they will suggest Laxatone, hoping he will pass it out through his bowel movements.

Or suggest surgery if the blanket has caused a serious intestinal blockage, and your poor little fellow is struggling to pass it out through pooping.

What To Do If He Isn’t Showing Any Symptoms

We have had fellow dog parents whose pups ingested a blanket and were their usual bouncy and playful selves.

In such a case, it would be best to monitor your dog for the above signs to spot anything out of the ordinary.

And in the meanwhile, put on your gloves and go through his poo (to look for the remains of the blanket) whenever he does his business.

If he poops or vomits it all out, then it’s all good. You have nothing to worry about!

Frequently Asked Questions

My Pup Has Gotten All The Blanket Out Of His System, What Should I Give Him To Eat?

If your pup has gotten the blanket out of his system either through vomiting or poop, then first, take a deep breath. The hard part is out of the way.

You should give your pup bland food to keep things calm in his tummy. Plain boiled rice and chicken or potato and fish are the best choices.

The trick here would be to give him small portions to eat and spread his meals into 5-6 smaller ones so his digestive system doesn’t overload and he can digest the food properly.

Is My Dog Chewing Up His Blanket Because of Anxiety?

Have you recently left your pup home for the longest time? Then, chances are that he ate his blanket up because of separation anxiety.

As dogs age, they tend to develop anxiety and can go through behavioral changes.

A good idea would be to remove anything he could chew on from his crate. And providing him with toys like a Kong filled with peanut butter right before you leave the house might do the trick.

Your Pup’s Blanket Eating Worries

So, there you have it!

Seeing our puppies suffering can be a downer for us dog parents. And if something as serious as him eating his blanket happens, it can really freak us out.

The first thing to do in this situation is to keep calm and look for any usual signs. If he exhibits any odd behavior, talk to your vet or rush to the emergency room (if matters get worse).

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