What to put in a dog kennel outside

What to Put in a Dog Kennel Outside – 6 Pro Hacks

Dogs absolutely love spending time outdoors, playing fetch, or just running after the wind. 

However, it falls on you to make sure they can have their fun in a protected environment that’s safe from both animal and human intruders. Your furry friends can get in accidents in no time.

Dog theft cases reached an all-time peak last year when over 2 million stolen dog cases were reported only in the US.

Outdoor dog kennels have gained a lot of hype as they have proven to be a great asset to dog parents who want to keep their dogs safe, sound, and secure during their outdoor excursions.

That said, how do you ensure that your dog has a wonderful time in his outdoor dog kennel? More precisely, what to put in a dog kennel outside to keep him stimulated, active, and completely safe?

Well, we believe our dog’s security is of the utmost importance.  So, adding security cameras, kennel door locks, and motion-detecting lights are sure to scare thieves away!

Furthermore, dog toys, raised kennel flooring, feeder bowls, and soft but sturdy bedding are essential in an outdoor kennel to keep your pup comfortable and engaged during his stay.  

Read this post to the very end to explore even more add-ons that will make your and your furball’s life experience more fun and convenient!

What to Put in an Outside Dog Kennel?

You should already have a rough idea of the essentials you’ll need to place in your dog’s kennel. See if your ideas match up with our recommendations.

Let’s dive straight in!

Security Measures and Considerations


Before you can think of what to put inside the kennel, you’ll need to decide on the material you’re going to go with. 

We recommend going for a prefab build made of stainless steel or metal to ensure your dog can’t chew through it during his bouts of boredom. 

Plus, it should also keep him safe from other animal intruders, like the neighbor’s cat or those naughty raccoons.

High-gauge stainless steel should be able to keep up with your dog’s chewing, banging, and thrashing for a considerably long time. 

More importantly, it should also be enough to thwart any escape attempts.

Security Products

Security cameras

In order to save-guard your fur buddy from being a victim of theft, you must check off these products on your to-do list:

Keeping the Outside Kennel Area Well-Lit: A dawn-to-dusk light or a motion-detecting light is a great way to keep a watch out for your dog when things go dark.

Get Security Cameras Installed: This is a top-notch way to have a peek at your dog whenever you are away and you miss him.

Plus, extra security cameras are the most effective tools for theft prevention.

Kennel Door Locks: Kennel door locks also prove to be a bonus feature in theft-proofing your outdoor kennel.

And, if your dog is an escape artist, these door locks will also minimize those unwanted sneak-outs!

Comfort Items

comfortable bedding inside the crate

Comfy bedding that your pup can rest and relax on is always a wise purchase. 

Even more so in an outdoor kennel made of stainless steel, which can get very cold during the winter. 

Just remember not to fill his kennel with old blankets and towels that he can chew up and swallow. 

Ingesting fabric or textiles can block a dog’s gastrointestinal tract, causing them to develop life-threatening digestion problems. 

We’d suggest ordering a custom-built dog bed, one that doubles up as a crate mat. 

These should be comfy enough for the dog without being as easy to chew. 

As time goes on, you can start introducing a couple of throw blankets and additional beds to make him love his kennel even more. 

Choosing Toys for an Outside Dog Kennel

Toys for an outside dog kennel

If you don’t want your dog to go after his bedding or the walls of his kennel, it’s best to provide him with some toys he can attack. 

Of course, these also have to be the indestructible kind, made of plush but durable material that he can’t tear into and swallow. 

Treat Stuffed Kongs are the first things that spring to mind. 

You could also go for doggy puzzle games that provide your dog with treats as he solves them. 

Toys with heartbeats installed in them are also quite popular these days, so you could try your luck with them as well. 

These should be enough to keep your dog occupied until you return home and let him out of his crate. 

Shade and Water

So, what to put in an outside dog kennel? Shade and water are the most crucial things you should look out for, no matter what!

The summer heat can be very detrimental to your dog’s health, as it has the potential to cause a heat stroke. 

The presence of shade or roof in his kennel then becomes a necessity if you’re going to be keeping your dog outdoors for a long time. 

The same goes for water, especially if you’re going to leave him in there when you head off for work. 

However, if you’ve just started crate training him, then keeping water inside is unwise, as that’ll just increase the likelihood of your dog having accidents.

Potty Area

A time will come when your dog has to relieve himself inside his kennel. 

To prepare for that, you need to ensure that there’s a designated potty area in his kennel far away from where he rests. 

The key is ensuring that his kennel is large enough to hold separate spaces for resting and pooping

A 10 ft by 10 ft square kennel should work for dogs of all sizes, provided that there’s only one dog in the kennel at a time. 

You can then create a distinct potty area and train your dog to do his business there. 

Personalization and Adaptability

We’ve pretty much covered all the essentials you need in an outdoor dog kennel. So, what else to put in an outside dog house? 

Well, now it’s up to how you want to personalize the crate to your dog’s needs. 

If your dog is a bed wetter, you could spring for raised flooring that can easily drain urine and other waste. 

You could also go for rotating feeder bowls to refill your dog’s feeding bowls without having to repeatedly open the crate door. 


What Bedding Material is Best for an Outdoor Dog Kennel?

A custom-built dog bed made of foam should be plush enough for your dog to lay on while also being incredibly durable against bites. 

Also, if you’ve ever wondered what to put in an outside dog house for warmth, a foam bed mixed with some dog warmers should be enough to keep your pup warm even during winter months. 

How Can I Keep My Dog Entertained in an Outdoor Kennel?

Toys, toys, and more toys are the only way to keep your dog entertained when he’s in his kennel. 

Puzzle games and Treat Filled Kongs, in particular, can keep your dog chasing its own tail for hours on end. 

What Safety measures Should I consider when setting up a dog kennel outside?

We’re sure the moment you started thinking of what to put in an outside dog kennel, your first thoughts were all centered around one solitary concern: his safety. 

A concern you can put to rest if you opt for a high-grade stainless steel kennel that has a lockable door, which locks from the outside. 

What to Put in Outside Dog Kennel: A Complete Checklist

As we leave you, we’d like to summarize once again the essentials you need in your dog’s kennel to keep him safe, engaged, and fulfilled. 

The most essential things are buying or building a stainless-steel kennel with added security features which include a camera, a dawn-to-dusk light or a motion-detecting light, and a lockable door. 

You can then fill it with doggy toys and puzzles, indestructible bedding, rotating feeders, and water bowls. 

Make sure to create a designated potty area for your pup, one that’s far away from his resting area. 

After that, you can add all the extra personalization you wish, like a drainage system or raised flooring. 

Finally, if you enjoyed this article, there are plenty more you can check out, all centered around doggy crates, houses, and kennels.

Have a great day!

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