How To Keep Mosquitoes Away from a Dog Kennel

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away from a Dog Kennel?

Dog parents who keep their furballs outdoors know the struggles of dealing with mosquitoes.

And with summer around the corner, we know what to expect. A whole lot of buzzing and the diseases they bring along.

Are you tired of these pesky insects swarming around your dog’s den and wondering how to keep mosquitoes away from a dog kennel?

If you live in an area known for its mosquitoes that bite like crazy, then removing standing water sites and planting some mosquito-repelling plants like Marigolds, Catnip, Rosemary, and Horsemint, among others, might do the trick.

Also, products like Bifen IT have worked well for our fellow dog parents, so we suggest trying it as well.

And if nothing seems going your way, placing a fan pointed at his kennel will surely work!

Looking for more details on how to deter these nasty bitters? Then read on.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from A Dog Kennel?

Here are some tried and tested methods that have worked for our fellow dog parents.

Removing All the Puddles of Water

Standing water site

Standing water sites are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, so the first thing to do would be to remove any puddles of water you have near your dog’s kennel.

This would go a long way in ensuring the female mosquitoes lay their eggs somewhere away from your kennel, resulting in their lower concentration.

Planting Mosquito Deterring Plants

Mosquito deterring plants

Looking for something good for the environment and bad for these bloodsuckers?

Yup, we are talking about planting mosquito-repelling plants.

Plants like Marigold, Catnip, Rosemary, and Horsemint, among others, are known for their mosquito-shooing smell.

Bifen IT

Another recommended option for keeping mosquitoes away from your dog’s kennel is Bifen IT.

While using Bifen IT, a good idea would be to go through the label for complete application instructions and ensure all points are accurately followed.

Bifen IT is safe to use around dogs when it is used according to the instructions on the label. Don’t let the dogs in on the treated site while it is still wet; once it has dried up, letting your pups re-enter the area is completely safe.

Also, Bifen IT is not meant to be sprayed directly on your dogs, so don’t think about trying that.

All things considered, it’s a great product, and we suggest giving Bifen IT by DoMyOwn a try!

Important Tip: DEET is known to cause health problems in dogs, so DEET-based insect repellants are a no-go!

Placing A Fan Pointed at Your Dog’s Kennel

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from A Dog Kennel

Finally, if everything else doesn’t work, you can place a fan pointed at your dog’s kennel.

This method has been backed by research and is a proven way to protect humans and pets from mosquitoes in outdoor settings.

A Buzz-Free Dog Kennel

As loving dog parents, it is our responsibility to keep our four-legged friends safe and comfortable.

And we all know how irritating these insects can be. Plus, let’s not forget the diseases they cause.

So, it falls on us to keep mosquitoes away from our dogs.

We have mentioned some terrific ways to deter these bloodsucking creatures, like removing standing water sites, planting mosquito repelling plants, using Bifen IT, and placing a fan pointed at your dog’s kennel.

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Thanks for reading, folks!

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