how to make a dog crate look like furniture

Making a Dog Crate Look Like Furniture – DIY Crate Styling Ideas

We had a golden retriever who we used to crate in our small apartment. The crate was really off-putting and never went with any kind of furniture.

So, we decided to do something about it. We modified the crate into a multi-purpose side table by fixing a plank of wood of the exact size on the upper side of the crate, giving it a more table-like look.

This dual-purpose setting suited us as we lived in a small apartment. And it made our crate look like a piece of furniture rather than a clanky old metal crate.

Looking for more ideas that fit your preferences? Then read on!

How to Make an Ugly Kennel Look Trendy

Wondering how to make an ugly kennel look trendy? Here are some ideas for inspiration.

Multi-Purposing the Crate

This is the idea that worked for us as we lived in an apartment short on space.

So, how to make a dog crate look like furniture, you may ask.

We measured the length and width of the upper side of the crate. Fortunately for us, the upper side of our crate was flat, so we just had to source a wooden plank of the exact size.

After sourcing it, we painted the plank to match the color of the crate. Since our crate was brown, so we painted the wooden plank with a dark brown color. And then let it air dry.

Finally, it was fitted over the crate and ready to be placed on the side of our bed!

Putting Cute Mini Drapes Inside Your Crate

Another brilliant idea for enhancing the aesthetics of your crate can be to add cute mini curtains/drapes inside your furball’s enclosure.

This idea would not only help to enhance the aesthetics of your dog crate but also provide a snug and cozy space for your pooch.

Painting the Crate to Match the Décor

Painting the crate to match the décor of your apartment is another simple yet effective idea that could help the crate to gel in with the apartment furniture.

Let’s say the overall décor of your apartment is from the brown color family. What you can do is paint the crate with a brown color to make it go with your apartment’s vibe.

Make an Art Table Out of it

Are you an art admirer who would fancy an art corner in your small apartment? If so, you can get a marble piece cut out in exactly the same size as the upper area of your crate.

Choose a color tone for the marble that would stand out in your apartment and fix it on the top of your dog’s crate.

Next, get creative with it by placing some marbles and splashing some paint colors on it. The sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity!

Cover the Crate with a Stylish Crate Cover

Covering the crate with a stylish cover has worked out for some of our fellow dog parents. And it could also work for you!

This method will help to improve the aesthetics of your apartment and help your puppy enjoy uninterrupted sleep by providing him with a secure environment free from outside visual noise.

Beautifying Your Crate – Solved!

So, there you have it.

If you have a crate that doesn’t go well with the feel of your apartment and stands out because of its ugliness, now you know what to do.

You can either multi-purpose it into a side table, hang drapes inside it, or paint it with a suitable color. The choice is all yours!

Did you find the information in this post helpful?

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Happy crating!

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