Are Dog Houses Cruel? 6 Possibilities Explained!

Keeping a dog in a house is a controversial topic. While some people cannot stop talking about the benefits of a dog house, another party downright opposes it. 

They believe putting the dog caged up in a pen, alone to cater to itself, especially when you keep it outside, is cruel. It is scary when you paint a picture like that, but are dog houses cruel in reality? 

A dog house can or cannot be cruel, depending on the conditions in which you keep your pet. If the idea of having a dog house is to keep your furball confined in a place for hours while you are away, then it is a cruel place to be. However, if your pooch is well-fed with your love and all his dietary needs are met, then it can serve as a safe haven where he can relax and have the time of his life. 

Let’s explore different possibilities and see if pet parents need to be worried about keeping their furry friend in a dog house.

Is a Dog House Cruel?

Seeing people’s concerns online and reading from the opposing party’s perspective, one might wonder whether it is true. The people who advocate the notion that dog houses are cruel highlight some important points that we will discuss below. 

We will also be sharing some important information to tackle these issues that would help make your and your furball’s life easier.

Is Your Dog Tied to the Dog House?

An active dog tends to jump and dig around the fence. So, it is likely that you have tied it up to prevent it from going outside the house wall. 

Similarly, it is worrisome that your dog might wander out of the house and get lost somewhere. In many cases, the dogs were hit by cars when they got out of the house. Putting your dog in the dog house makes sense if you face a similar situation. 

But if you keep it tied to the dog house all day, an active dog won’t stay put and will likely end up being bored. It will try to free itself or move around vigorously, causing physical pain and even injuries. In such cases, having the dog tied to the dog house can be cruel.   

What Can You Do?

A good practice is keeping it tied for an hour at most, only if supervision is not always possible. Otherwise, it is not recommended. If your dog tends to wander outside, you can install an invisible fence for dogs to stay inside a secured area. 

How Big is Your Dog House?

are dog crates cruel

Are dog crates cruel when they are not spacious enough? Yes, absolutely!

How much space the dog has inside its crate is incredibly important. Most people design it around the fact that it would be easier to clean, but that is just one of the things to consider before building a dog house.

The most important thing is giving your doggo enough room to move around so it can relax comfortably. 

What Can You Do?

This problem usually occurs when you build an indoor dog house. You can design a custom dog house or modify your current one.

Make sure your dog can stand up and move around its crate. You can also create an area at the bay of the crate’s door where the dog can come out and stretch its legs.

Is Your Dog Comfortable in the Dog House?

Dog houses are commonly constructed using wood or metal. Now, they are both sturdy materials that keep the crates intact. However, they are not always comfortable for a dog.

They might have enough room, but can your furry pooch sit with ease? Can they lie down and relax on the surface when they feel like it? If you are not thinking from this angle, your dog house might need to be more comfortable.

What Can You Do?

You can put a plush bed or a pillow inside the crate where the dog can lie down and sleep. It may be hard to clean, but you should clean it regularly as a good practice.

If you leave it inside unattended for long periods, it might become a source of bacterial infection and other diseases, affecting your dog’s hygiene and health.

How Harsh is the Weather Where You Live?

dog kennel cruel

Most dogs prefer to live outside. In such cases, you may be tempted to put the dog house outdoors, but is it safe for the dog? If you are keeping the dog house out and the climatic conditions are harsh, it will not be suitable for your dog as some homes tend to overheat and make the dog uncomfortable. 

A dog will have trouble staying in a dog house that is not adequately ventilated. Similarly, in the winter, if the dog house is not insulated properly, the dog might shiver and catch a cold. 

What Can You Do?

Build a dog house that has proper ventilation. Also, put the dog house in a shaded area away from direct sunlight.

You should keep the front of the dog house elevated so the water does not go inside. Similarly, make the roof of the dog kennel waterproof and fix any cracks and crevices in the dog house to prevent the dog from getting cold.  

However, it is necessary to let the dog inside your house when rainy storms hit your area. All in all, design a dog house that fits the climatic needs of where you live.

Do You Have Multiple Dogs? 

is a dog house necessary

Keeping multiple dogs in a single dog house may not be the best idea. The dogs might not hurt one another, but there is always an alpha in a pack of dogs. It would either not allow other dogs to enter the dog house or take up most space inside. If this happens, other dogs will be scared to live inside the dog house or fight each other.

What Can You Do?

Avoid keeping the dogs inside the same dog crate. But if you have to, find a large enough crate to keep all the dogs, giving each adequate room to roam inside. Also, it would be a good idea to make compartments for each of the dogs.

How Often Do You Tend to Your Dog?

Are dog houses cruel when you leave the dog unattended for hours? Yes! They are cruel when you do not give your pet what it craves the most. Your love and attention! 

A dog needs human companionship. It is regarded as a breed that is man’s best friend. If dogs do not get much attention, they tend to get depressed or face separation anxiety. The loneliness can also take a toll on their mental health, giving rise to other distress behaviours down the road.

What Can You Do?

Make sure your fur buddy can see you in his view even when he is inside his crate. You should also give them enough food and water so they do not starve themselves. 

Wrapping It Up – Are Dog Houses Cruel

So, are dog crates cruel? It depends. Nobody knows your dog breed better than you. If your dog prefers playing outside, you cannot build a dog crate inside the house. 

Similarly, if your dog needs constant supervision and you are not always available, you might need to keep it in a dog house. And if that doesn’t work for some reason, installing a fence to keep it within a guarded area may do the trick. 

Hence, the main goal is to keep your dog comfortable and safe. A dog house is only a good idea if the above-mentioned conditions are met. 

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