Types of dog kennels

Different Types of Dog Kennels – Exploring The 7 Pawsibilities

Welcome to the world of woofs, barks, and wagging tails!

Everyone knows how important dog kennels are for your pup’s world. They do more than just provide shelter – they create a personal space for your furry friend, much like our homes do for us. They also offer dogs a sense of security and belonging, providing a safe retreat where they can rest, sleep, and chew on their favorite toys.

Now, whether your pooch is positively petite or a bona fide behemoth, we’ve got the cozy digs they’ll be howling with joy over. From furniture dog kennels to portable ones, there are more choices than there are breeds at a dog show.

So, fetch your reading glasses, and let’s dive into the different types of dog kennels.

Best Types of Dog Kennels

There are many types of dog kennels on the market, and each has its own unique features and benefits. Here are some of the best types to consider for your doggo:

Traditional Dog Kennels: An Evergreen Choice for Pet Owners

types of dog kennels

Let’s kick things off with a timeless classic: traditional dog kennel. 

These have long been a go-to for dog owners, winning hearts with their straightforward design and versatility. They keep your furry friends protected and come in a diverse range of materials, giving you plenty of options to choose from

Now, there are a couple of hitches with this type. First off, most traditional dog kennels are designed for outdoor use, as they might not blend seamlessly with your indoor decor. Secondly, these kennels lean more towards functionality than aesthetics. So, if you’re after something that’s as cute as your pooch, you might find them a bit disappointing.

Let’s also talk about maintenance. For a traditional dog kennel, it will depend mostly on the material that is used for the making. For example, traditional dog kennels made out of wood might need to be treated to resist rotting and weathering. The metal one might need rust-proofing every now and then.

Furniture Dog Kennels: Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality

types of dog kennels

Don’t, for a second, think that dog kennels can’t be pretty. Take a look at furniture dog kennels. How cute are they!

These are essentially regular pieces of furniture that have been converted into dog kennels. This is why they serve as a dual purpose – a functional shelter for your pup and a chic furniture addition to your house. 

Plus, unlike traditional dog kennels, these blend well with your furniture. This means keeping them indoors doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of your house. Another standout feature is its ability to accommodate two dogs, making it the perfect furniture dog kennel for two pooches.

However, furniture dog kennels are expensive. And since they are made of wood, they may not be as durable. So, you might need to replace the kennel every few years. 

And hey! You know how much these pups love to chew, right? So, if you plan on buying a furniture kennel, make sure you buy a chew resistant one. 

Metal Dog Kennels: Strong, Secure, and Built to Last

types of dog kennels

People with strong breeds of dogs know the struggle of finding a dog kennel that’s strong enough to keep their doggo in. 

This is where metal kennels come to the rescue. Built with sturdy materials like steel, they have the strength to withstand even the toughest of chewers. 

Another perk of choosing a metal kennel is its collapsible and compact design. This makes it easy to transport and store when not in use. Moreover, metal kennels provide excellent ventilation and visibility. The latter being very important for dogs that are claustrophobic or have a containment phobia.

The flip side to this ventilation perk can be a bit of a bummer, though. Due to its open design (or lack of insulation), a metal kennel might not be the best choice for chillier climates or winter months. You’ll need to throw in some blankets or other insulating materials to keep your pup cozy.

Plastic Dog Kennels: Your Best Travel Buddy

types of dog kennels

For dog owners who travel frequently, investing in a plastic dog kennel is a no-brainer.

These lightweight, portable dog houses are easy to carry on a trip. They also offer decent ventilation and cleaning options. 

However, keep in mind that plastic kennels can retain odors. This is why you’ll need to regularly clean this type of kennel to prevent it from getting all stinky. And yes, since they are made out of plastic, they are not as durable as the other alternatives in this list. 

Insulated Dog Houses: Keeping It Comfy in All Weathers

If you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions, get an insulated dog kennel. These kennels typically come with 10 mm thick walls and roofs, providing warmth during those chilly months. And they’re waterproof, offering protection from the rain as well. Plus, some have a design that cleverly reflects sunlight, keeping things cool during the sizzling summer months.

Some of these kennels also feature a raised floor for improved insulation, helping to keep your pup cozy and dry. Plus, they’re designed with adequate air vents for proper ventilation.

These premium features come at a premium price, too. And, because of their enclosed design, they rank poorly in terms of visibility.

On a side note, here are some winter kennel safety tips that you should know if you live in a colder region.

types of dog kennels

Chain link kennels are typically constructed from high tensile-strength wire gauge, with a diameter reaching up to 3.5mm. This makes them robust, sturdy, and resistant to bending or damage.

They’re finished with a pet-friendly epoxy and vulcanized surface that protects the steel from rust and corrosion, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the kennel. Additionally, these kennels typically include a cloth umbrella cover that’s both sun-proof and wind-proof, protecting your pup from harsh sun and wind.

One downside to consider is that these kennels are not very portable or easy to move around. 

Custom and Modular Dog Kennels: Made Just for Your Pooch

types of dog kennels

If none of the above options quite fit your requirements or taste, you can always go for custom dog kennels. 

This option allows you to tailor the style, material, and size to your dog’s needs. 

You can also decide to add a cooling or heating system.

If you have some spare time, you could even take on the project yourself. Imagine creating a superhero-themed house for your pup! Just remember to prioritize safety precautions when constructing the kennel. 

A quick disclaimer – custom dog houses may be the most expensive option on our list. Depending on the complexity of customization you want done, the price could increase by multiple folds.

How to Choose a Dog Kennel?

Now that we have discussed different types of dog crates and kennels, let’s talk about how to choose the right one. 

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Size: You need to make sure that the kennel is big enough for your dog to lie down and move around comfortably. A good practice is to buy a kennel that is at least 6 inches higher than the height of your dog.
  • Climate: Not all dog kennel types are suitable for every climate. For example, insulated kennels are the best for colder regions.
  • Portability: For pet owners traveling frequently, it’s important to get a kennel that’s lightweight and easy to carry. Plastic and collapsible metal kennels are good options. 
  • Chew-proof: Dogs often chew everything they can get a hold of. This is why you should look for dog crate types that are chew proof.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is important for your dog’s comfort. 
  • Safety: Dogs are notoriously good at breaking free from their enclosures. Make sure the kennel is secure and has a sturdy lock mechanism. 
  • Cost: Lastly, consider your budget and pick something that provides best value for money while also meeting your pup’s needs.

Is a Dog House Necessary

At this point you may be wondering if a dog kennel is even necessary. There is no exact answer for this question as it depends on your specific circumstances.

For example, if you keep your dog outdoors for the most time, a dog house would definitely help. It will protect your pup from harsh weather. In another case, if your dog is overly mischievous and leaving them unattended would mean disaster, a dog house would keep them contained and safe.

On the other hand, if your dog is extremely well-behaved, you may not need a dog kennel. However, in our opinion it’s always good to have one.

Types of Dog Houses – Choosing the Best One

That’s it folks! 

With so many options, choosing the right dog house might seem like a difficult task but it’s not. Just carefully consider the needs and likes of your dog. Also, do not forget to factor in the durability, portability, and safety aspect of the kennel itself. 

Remember, whether you opt for a wooden, plastic, or a metal dog kennel, your primary focus should be on maximizing your pup’s comfort and safety.

So, take your time, do your research, and make a wise choice. 

If you found this post to be helpful, make sure you check out our other posts, too!

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